Our shared purpose and passion are to realize the potential of philanthropy as an engine for systems change, and advance equity and opportunity for all. Our mission, vision, and values guide and inspire us in all we do.

Our Mission

Building Impact Partners works with the philanthropic community to build the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that transform people and systems and advance a more just, equitable world.

Our Vision

At Building Impact Partners, we envision a world in which resource engines distribute capital in all its forms joyfully, efficiently, and equitably, so that resources flow where they are most needed to create transformative impact on the issues that matter most to our shared future.

Our Core Values: Who We Are

Courageous Critical Thinkers

We push through fears to ask hard questions, seek evidence, and take action.

Purposeful Strategists

We pursue transformational, systemic change and know that the path to get there requires innovation, persistence, and pragmatism.

Equity-Minded Problem Solvers

We find creative avenues to help philanthropists play a more active role advancing equity and opportunity for real people, right now.

Growth-Oriented Leaders

We commit to our own constant growth and the growth of others as a key aspect of deepening our impact.

Trustworthy Partners

We embrace the humanity of our teammates, our clients, and their partners by offering empathy and understanding while holding each other accountable to be our best selves.

Meet Our Team

Our team combines decades of first-hand experience with the insights, imagination and determination to develop enduring solutions.