Tanis Klingler


Senior Analyst

Tanis Klingler is a senior analyst energized by learning that satiates her unrelenting curiosity, collaborating on solutions that matter, and cultivating passion through purpose. By delving into the details and context of our work, she extracts themes and insights that carve pathways toward meaningful progress. Her passion for community-centered approaches and deep relationships stem from Tanis’s years as a high school physics teacher in Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut, which makes her a fierce advocate for equity-driven systems change that maximizes opportunities and agency. A vestige of her classroom years, Tanis loves creating and leading high-engagement learning experiences and facilitations that satisfy simultaneous objectives and hear from all voices. She cares deeply about impact and real-world application, knowing how critical each lever is to systems change; Tanis discovered this in previous roles from district management to statewide education advocacy to talent development to issue-based policy research. Her bachelor’s in molecular and cellular biology is from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Fun Facts:

  • You could say that Tanis loves to travel. Or, you can just ask her where she is in the world right now—you’ll surely get an unexpected answer, and one that’s likely different from the last time you asked. 
  • Tanis loves a physical challenge. Currently she’s trying to lift heavy things, but knows she’ll never surpass her partner who is a professional wrestler.
  • Though born in Canada, she strongly identifies as a Wisconsinite, which is mostly due to a cheese dependency that will never allow her to go from vegetarian to vegan.

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