Devansh Pasumarty


Formerly a Senior Analyst with Building Impact Partners, Devansh now works as an affiliated advisor based in London (also known as the world’s grayest, wettest city). With a passion for social impact and combating inequality in all forms, Devansh enjoys finding creative and innovative solutions to problems— whether via strategy, research, design, or just good old brainstorming. Prior to joining Building Impact, Devansh was an Associate with Booz & Co. and has worked with ESPN, the NBA, Olympic Gold Quest, and mobile payments apps across roles and internships in Singapore and Mumbai. Devansh graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s in economics and a special concentration in Jazz Studies.

Fun Facts:

  • Devansh finally escaped New York in 2020 and completed his Masters in popular music composition at Goldsmiths University in London.
  • In his spare time, you’ll likely find Devansh seeing or performing live music, doing yoga, spreading the gospel of natural wine, or on his bike in search of a nice park to lie in.
  • Devansh’s favorite place in the world is the beach, likely tracing back to his hot and humid upbringing in Singapore.

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