About Us

Building Impact works with forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents to catalyze systemic change around the most pressing social issues.

Combining deep expertise in effective philanthropy, advocacy and political strategy, coaching and convening, Building Impact works with our clients to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to be more effective change agents. While our starting point is unique with each of our clients, all those we work with share an interest in leveraging their capacity to transform a pressing social issue – from education to healthcare to housing and beyond.

Building Impact does not have a fixed perspective on how to make progress on a particular issue. We work in partnership with our clients to develop an approach based on the best available information. We offer our clients an honest assessment of what we think is most likely to lead to meaningful impact – rather than just telling them what they want to hear. We do so because we believe deeply that transformative change requires forward-thinking leadership on every level.

Forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents strive to focus on systemic change over the long-term. They invest patient capital, cultivate an adaptive mindset, build alliances, engage thoughtfully on issues of race and equity, and creatively use all the tools at their disposal to drive meaningful change.

We believe philanthropy is a critical lever, providing patient and flexible capital that can help overcome barriers to meaningful change by developing and customizing solutions for specific contexts and communities. Transformative change of this kind is complex and requires sustained effort and focus. To be effective, philanthropists and change agents need committed partners who understand the extent of the challenge and potentially promising pathways for change. Building Impact seeks to be this kind of partner, helping our clients have meaningful impact by providing ongoing and customized advising, coaching, and convening services.

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