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Consultant, Policy, Politics, and Advocacy

Consultant, Policy, Politics, and Advocacy

Organization: Building Impact
Reports to: Mike Wang, Partner
Start date: September 2019
Location: Flexible
Commitment: Part-Time

Building Impact

Building Impact works with forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents to catalyze systemic change around the most pressing social issues. Combining deep expertise in effective philanthropy, advocacy and political strategy, coaching, and convening, we work with our clients to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to be effective change agents. While our starting point is unique with each client, all of our clients are seeking to leverage their capacity to transform a pressing issue – whether in education, healthcare, or housing. Building Impact helps our clients have meaningful impact – providing ongoing strategic advising and coaching services, as well as tailored support relevant to the specific contexts and issues they face. We see it as our role to ensure that understanding – of self, of the complexities surrounding pressing social issues, and of the community most impacted – and strategy are sound. Ultimately, we believe that by serving our clients and by bringing them together with one another, we can amplify their impact, transforming lives and the world for the better.


The Consultant role at Building Impact will be charged with day-to-day project and client relationship management of multiple engagements to ensure goals and client needs are met in this growing philanthropic advising practice, specifically supporting our politics and advocacy practice. We are looking for a high-competency professional who will treat this role as an opportunity to invest in her/his/their growth while gaining a deepened understanding of key social issues and philanthropic landscapes in multiple geographies across the country. This role is designed for someone who is excited to be a part of a high-functioning, mission-driven business and who is ready to take on increasingly more challenging responsibilities over time. As a Consultant she/he/they will be exposed to current issues and decision points on critical topics locally and nationally and will have opportunities to engage with a network of philanthropists and partners who are investing in and deeply committed to transforming lives for the better.

The Person

You are a relationship-builder. You know how to build relationships with a wide range of people – politicians, philanthropists, and organizational leaders alike, including those whose political views are different from your own. You find ways to connect and build trust naturally and are committed to serving others. You always treat others with respect and are also able to engage authentically to negotiate and compromise (when appropriate) in order to make progress.

You are an effective organizer, planner, and a prioritizer. You love managing and coordinating projects, especially the challenge of managing multiple projects at once and projects with high levels of complexity and dynamism. You’re adept at laying out a project plan that reflects the client’s expectations as well as the team’s skills and then driving the team toward successful implementation, ensuring that key deadlines are met along the way and navigating unexpected challenges or changes in the environment. You are disciplined and this manifests in how you engage others in that you are able to effectively organize, prioritize, and manage time for yourself and others. You are clear about how long high impact work will take to complete and clients are always satisfied with your work and impressed by your level of organization.

You are adept at content creation. Whether it’s a memo to make the case for a particular course of action, a PowerPoint deck to summarize the findings and insights of a landscape analysis, or building a project budget in Excel, you can start from a blank page and craft a client-ready product. Past team members and managers marvel at the speed with which you produce near-complete documents. You excel at taking high volumes of seemingly disparate information and weaving that into a succinct and focused work product. Your work products are crisp, aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, and nearly always error-free; you care about the detail and the presentation. Even in areas where you may not be the resident content expert, you’re able to develop a thorough enough understanding to take a first pass and meaningfully contribute to producing a high-quality deliverable.

You understand the world of politics and political strategy. You have an exceptional ability to identify and articulate the macro- and micro-level political dynamics that shape a given situation. You have significant experience working in some aspect of politics, policy, and advocacy, such as communications, legislative and policy advising, coalition-building, campaigns, or lobbying. You have a strong understanding of the art and science of building and exercising political power and influence toward specific policy outcomes. You can synthesize qualitative and quantitative data quickly to formulate insights and draw conclusions about the political dynamics of any given context. You can articulate concrete recommendations on how to organize and deploy resources to achieve policy and political goals. You understand the significance of relationships and events independent of prevailing attitudes or your own biases.

You are able to set a clear vision and strategy. With a goal in mind, you are able to set a clear vision and an initial set of strategies likely to achieve that goal. You are also able to adeptly adjust your strategy as needed and quickly shift from strategy to execution. You are then able to translate those strategies into concrete, actionable plans.

You are an excellent communicator. You use clear and concise language. You are comfortable writing proposals and memos and building presentations from scratch. Others have said that your writing is concrete and actionable. You use examples to back up your claims. You understand the context in which you are communicating, and can respond to emails, calls, and requests professionally and effectively, tailoring your message depending on the audience.  You are skilled in communicating critical messages succinctly with a wide range of clients and critical stakeholders.

You learn quickly. You are able to quickly understand the basic facts and nuances of a new situation and feel confident and knowledgeable enough to act on your understanding. You are agile enough to be self-reflective in motion and to incorporate your learnings into your next action.

The Role

The Consultant will:

  • Client Relationship Management: Serve as a day-to-day relationship manager to one or more clients in the delivery of high-quality customized deliverables aligned to the client’s needs
  • Project Management: Act as project manager for one or more projects, developing, maintaining and revising project plans according to agreed upon timelines on an ongoing basis
  • Content Creation: Draft, refine, and produce deliverables, including proposals, presentations, and reports for clients
  • Project Team Coordination: Coordinate and engage the project team (and your manager) to ensure goals are met and clients are highly satisfied
  • Strategic Partnership: Act as a strategic partner to Impact in developing and implementing customized strategies for individual clients and in the codification of these practices
  • Accountability and Quality Control: Actively manage and monitor the project status to ensure deliverables are on track and are of high quality

Note that for this role experience in education (or related social issues) and philanthropy is a plus, but not required; additionally, some travel and ability to be available on some nights is required.


We offer a competitive compensation package.

Commitment to Diversity

Building Impact does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff and contractors, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.

To Apply

Interested applicants may submit a resume and cover letter to Deneice McClary at

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