Black Lives Matter

George Floyd murdered.
Ahmaud Arbery murdered.
Breonna Taylor murdered.
Christian Cooper threatened.
Countless others. Named and unnamed, known and unknown.

These are not acts that can be understood as anomalies or as the products of bad actors or poor judgment. These are predictable outcomes born of a system delivering that which it was designed to produce.

Inequitable access to healthcare and education. The weaponization of privilege. Income inequality, redlining, and economic disenfranchisement. Undermining the toil of generations who physically built so much of this nation and so many of its institutions. Institutional violence perpetrated against Black people.

We don’t pretend these are easy to talk about or address. The more systemic the roots of the problem, the greater the need for understanding and the more challenging to dismantle.

We commit to listening and to learning. We commit to leaning into discomfort, and to asking difficult questions. We commit to elevating the voices of those unheard and leaving no assumption untested. We commit to taking risks and pulling the threads that need to be pulled no matter where they may lead.

We commit to doing these things with our clients and on our own, and to working in partnership with all those unafraid to confront the brutality of our nation’s past and present.

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