Our Services


To be the most effective philanthropist and change agent possible in a world filled with increasingly complex challenges, great strategy is essential, but it is not enough. To effectively tackle our most pressing social challenges we also have to master our own psychology–self-awareness and personal growth is essential. This is why our coaching and personal development services are such an important part of the work we do with our clients. Through these offerings we help our clients unlock their full potential as forward-thinking change agents and as truly fulfilled human beings in all areas of their lives.

We work flexibly with each client to deliver a customized set of coaching and other supports to personal and professional growth, leveraging their range of talents and capacities to shape their lives as they wish and to effect positive change in their communities. In some cases this involves delivering specific projects and training programs. In other cases it involves discrete interventions to help clients navigate a major decision or crisis.

Key focus areas of coaching services include:

Developing an increased understanding of self– habits, motivations, and goals

Developing increased clarity, energy, and purpose around your most important life roles, including your work as a change agent

Developing customized practices and specific skills that heighten personal and professional productivity

Strengthening relationships and ability to positively influence others

Overcoming limiting beliefs and practicing courage in pursuit of personal and professional goals

Personalized learning experiences and connections to leading experts in areas of interest

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