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Building Impact was founded as Impact for Education in 2012 with a focus on catalyzing systemic change in public education by working with forward-thinking philanthropists. Recognizing the intersectionality of issues like education, healthcare, and economic security and the broader role leadership can play in driving systemic change, Impact for Education became Building Impact in 2019. With the new name comes an expanded mission to work with forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents to drive change on a broader range of the most pressing social issues.

Since its founding, Building Impact has worked with dozens of individuals, families, and foundations across the United States, providing advising, coaching, and convening services. While our clients vary in their philanthropic capacity, each is committed to leveraging their capacity, time, and resources to make meaningful change. As their trusted partners, Building Impact has provided customized services ranging from developing and helping implement a multi-year strategy for a growing family foundation to coordinating the efforts of local grantmakers with a shared interest in transforming the education landscape in their home city to coaching a new philanthropist seeking to better understand her role as a change agent and funder in her local community.

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