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Trusted advisors are key to unlocking high-impact philanthropy

One of the biggest barriers to high impact philanthropy is the fact that the people with the most  financial resources are rarely the people who have the most proximity and access to the complex social challenges that matter most to our shared future. This means that donors very often need to get help when it […]

Removing the Barrier of Fear on the Path to Trust-Based Philanthropy

The last few years have seen an increasingly public critique of philanthropy, with books like Just Giving by Rob Reich, Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, and Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas topping best-seller charts.  At the heart of these critiques is an indictment of the whole structure of philanthropy and the power dynamics that […]

Introducing the Joyful Impact Blog and Resource Library

If you feel a deep calling to make the world a better place—as so many of us working in philanthropy and social enterprises do—chances are you are very strong. Mentally and emotionally, you already know that you can carry a lot of weight because you do it every day.  But here’s the thing—as you go […]