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An Ecosystem Approach to Social Change

Recently, we’ve seen a growing weariness among those working on longstanding efforts to transform public education. But we don’t think it’s because those pushing for better schools have lost faith in the potential of children. Rather, the exasperation felt is around the question of how to achieve transformative change when a deep-rooted status quo seems […]

What is Forward-Thinking Philanthropy?

We sometimes find it helpful to think about philanthropy as a tool for social change in terms similar to how Winston Churchill famously described democracy: “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried”  There are (and always have been) valid critiques of philanthropy as a means […]

New Name. Bolder Vision. Better World.

Impact for Education is now Building Impact. We work with forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents to catalyze systemic change around the most pressing social issues. AS BUILDING IMPACT, WE ARE EXPANDING OUR MISSION in pursuit of bigger and bolder ways to catalyze change. Building Impact exists to help make the world a better place – […]